Which is a Hill and Which is a Mountain?

11 08 2012

Hi! If anyone is still reading this…cool! Thanks for sticking with me 🙂

I took a very long leave of absence over the summer. Partly because I

had the fantastic priviledge of living in a rural mountain village of Peru.

The Andes Mountains are behemoth; they’re an incredible sight to behold.

They’re so odd though because they take components from deserts, as well as

sights that remind me of the backwoods of southeast Georgia and combine them with a mountainous

landscape. Just to reiterate, it’s an odd compilation, but beautiful just the same.

The Andes are a mountain range in Peru, just as technically, the Blueridge is a mountain range here in

South Carolina.  However I’m almost certain that if any of the villagers I lived with there were to see these,

they would certainly agree, “why yes, they’re also beautiful, but they’re nowhere near mountains. They remind me more of hills.”

You see on the grand scheme of things, things that may appear like mountains to us, are some body else’s hills.

P.S.-check out my pictures for some of both places.

Plus and anecdote to come that’ll expound on this idea.




2 responses

12 08 2012

Mountain: http://vulkane.net/blogmobil/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/olympus-3d.jpg

Olympus Mons

Hills: Everything else in our solar system.

20 08 2012

haha! wow!

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