Perspective from Peru


These post/pictures will be following me and several others are we are

working to help further the gospel in Peru.

I fly out Monday May 21st, 2012 and return July 20th.

I hope to be able to post at least once or twice while I’m down there, but

we will just have to wait and see.

God is so faithful in love; I pray that this summer will be about Him.

The gospel (good news) is basically this- Jesus Christ was God sending himself down to

earth.God created the earth and mankind and it was in perfect harmony. It ws good.

but then the first man and woman sinned and along with sin, death and evil entered the world.

God was compassionate though and set forth a plan to redeem mankind.

Jesus is called God’s son; he was born of a virgin named, Mary. (Since God

knows everything, it’s no far stretch of the imagination to believe that he knows how to

create a life and place it inside of a virgin.)

Jesus lived a perfect life; wholly obedient to God. Jesus died on the cross for the penalty of sin,

which has created a rift so large between mankind and God that no matter what we do we CANNOT

cross it. God send his spirit-the  Holy Spirit-to all those who believe and accept Jesus’ death as the

exchange for their sins. The bible says the penalty for sin is death, and that all humanity is dead spiritual

because of their sins. Jesus was the only one who had zero faults before God. Therefore he was the only one

alive-the only one available to die for the sins of the world. What’s more he willingly laid down his life!

He conquered sin and death when he rose from the grave three days after dying on the cross, just as he predicted he would!

Jesus’s sacrifice for our sin gives us peace with God. he expects us to believe that-namely, believe that

we can not heal ourselves of our own state of sin and its effects. Jesus took the penalty for our sns and in exchange he wants

all people to  say something like this, “yes, God, I am a sinner. This sin separates me from you. It leads to death and eternity separated from you. But because of what you did on the cross I am no longer guilty in your sight. Jesus forgive me of my sins and please send your holy spirit to live inside of me and give me life.”

This Holiness from God inside of us gives us the ability to choose to not be slaves to sin anymore, but

to be able to choose life!


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