“Casting” new thoughts sometimes are as hard as iron

18 05 2012

Dear readers,

If you are indeed reading this, I profusely thank you. For this means that you-in spite of my aweful attempt at title-have

chosen to read this post anyway. Therefore, I give a hardy, “here, here” and a toast in your honor.

Now, onto the point of this story.

As I rinsed the dishes that were piled precariously in the kitchen sink today before loading them into the dish washer,

I came across the dreaded cast iron skillet.

Now if you are not familiar with these babies, just reference the beauty that Rapunzel from Tangeled has clutched in her hand.

If these are put through the dish washer enough times they will eventually rust over. In today’s world fewer people buy them for this very reason.

(They are extremely useful though, as they are much heavier than other pots or pans and resist the tendency to buckle over time due to excessive heat. The result is that they offer much flatter surfaces on which to cook which entails a more evenly cooked course. )

I usually dread washing these, because we usually cook the greasiest of food on them, and I have to scrape all the grease out.

Today though I had a thought, what we just simply washed every dish, then put them away immediately ¬†forgoing the washer altogether? It might actually use less water and it wouldn’t be that much more added time to me anyway.

At that moment I stopped seeing the cast iron skillet as a drudgery, as an enemy.

Instead I began to view it as something very useful, a friend so-to-speak.

What if we did that with people? Do you have any enemies who maybe don’t really “deserve” to be?

Some food for thought from Jesus Christ-“I say to you: Love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!”